Medical fair with a new name: conhIT becomes DMEA

‘conhIT – Connecting Healthcare IT’, the health IT event for decision-makers in the health economy, politics and science, is transforming into ‘DMEA – Connecting Digital Health’. The declared goal is to promote cross-domain and cross-sector digital networking as well as to address new target groups.

The conhIT was created to promote the digitization of the healthcare system. “ConhIT has made a decisive contribution to the fact that IT is no longer considered detached from healthcare processes, but rather is recognized as an elementary component: it no longer discusses whether digitization should take place, but rather at what speed and in which use case. Successful digital healthcare is interdisciplinary”, says Jens Naumann, Chairman of the Federal Association of Health IT – bvitg eV.

In order to be a driving force and pioneer in the future as well, the DMEA will map the entire digital supply chain in all process steps. It will be gradually developed into a platform that will enable a constructive, insightful discussion on the use of IT along the supply chain. “The DMEA expressly sees itself as an information and communication event for all decision-makers involved in the design of digital processes in the healthcare system,” explains Naumann about the planned new direction of DMEA.

Digitization has arrived in health care

The effects of the digital transformation are also increasingly affecting the nursing sector, the medical practice established in hospitals and clinics, as well as companies that want to reinvent themselves in the healthcare system with innovative offerings. These target groups are addressed in a more focused way. At the same time, there will be ample room to discuss current trends such as artificial intelligence or blockchain, as well as networking within the industry.

“In the course of digitization, not only the entire healthcare system, but also the environment of our event is changing, which makes it an ideal time to take a step forward in the very positive direction of exhibitors and trade visitors at conhIT. The industry meeting ‘conhIT’ becomes the ‘platform of digital medicine and healthcare DMEA’”, Jens Heithecker, Executive Vice President Messe Berlin Group, justifies the decision to further develop conhIT at the present time.

The DMEA 2019 will take place from the 9th to the 11th of April 2019 in Berlin.

Source: DMEA – Connecting Digital Health