Advances in healthcare are strongly driven by information technology and engineering. From smart bionic limbs to artificial intelligences that help to treat illnesses – what was once stuff of science fiction is now medical reality. MedicalView is a forum for medical professionals, researchers, engineers, students as well as curious and interested people to learn about latest research, developments and applications of emerging technologies in medicine such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented realities, robotics & bionics, wearables & sensors as well as cutting-edge IT solutions like blockchain.

We offer opinion leaders, decision-makers and influencers the opportunity to display thought leadership on forthcoming medical technologies and their impact on health and care. We publish current and informative content from government organizations, medical companies, hospitals and university clinics, professional associations, research institutes, patient groups, pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

We provide clearly structured daily news, corporate news and market trends. We interview newcomers and experts in their respective fields, introduce start-ups and cover medical events. We report on the breakthroughs and discoveries of ubiquitous and forthcoming medical technologies and their impact on analysis, diagnosis and treatment of patients.

We will provide answers to questions like:

  • How will the technologal advances transform diagnosis, treatment and workflow?
  • What, if any effects, will the development and application of new technologies have for the patients?
  • Will 3D printed organs ever make donor waiting lists redundant?
  • How do artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning impact the healthcare system?
  • Who is responsible when an AI makes a false diagnosis?
  • Should doctors be replaced by artificial intelligence and surgical robots?
  • How does blockchain technology actually work and what practical applications does it have in medicine?
  • Will wearables enable a new wave of personal health?
  • Which latest projects are medical scientists and companies researching on?
  • Which high-end products will be coming onto the market soon?

In addition, we provide marketing opportunities for start-ups and existing companies to display their products. You want to advertise your latest research or products? Or you want to promote your upcoming event? Then please get in touch with us. We’d love to talk about how we can work together.


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