Google recently launched its new Cloud Healthcare API. According to Gregory J. Moore MD, PhD, Vice President of Healthcare, “Google Cloud’s goal for healthcare is very much a reflection of Google’s overall mission: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

With API Google addresses the significant interoperability challenges in healthcare data. Today, most medical data, whether it’s lab reports, imaging data or patient records, is scattered throughout the various hospitals and clinics where the patients are treated or even scattered throughout different departments in one such institution. The consequences are various, they stage from repeating tests and procedure, which is time consuming and expensive to information gaps which could have dire consequences for the patient. “Our goal with the Cloud Healthcare API is to help transform the healthcare industry through the use of cloud technologies and machine learning.”

And how do they want to do that? “The new API provides a robust, scalable infrastructure solution to ingest and manage key healthcare data types – including HL7, FHIR and DICOM – and lets our customers use that data for analytics and machine learning in the cloud,” Moore reported. “Just imagine if all healthcare providers could easily, securely and instantaneously collaborate while caring for you. Ultimately, we hope that better flow of data will inspire new discoveries with artificial intelligence and machine learning, leading to insights that improve patient outcomes.”

Source: Google

Report: Sascha Keutel