ECR 2019

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) announced that ECR 2018 hit a new record in participation: 28,474 total participants. According to the organizers the congress reached a total onsite participation of 22,059, including a record number of 13,848 professional delegates which represents an 8% increase compared to ECR 2017, and a total of 8,211 industry participants.

In addition, the ECR Online streaming platform counted 6,415 registered viewers that were not present onsite, which marks an increase of 13% compared to last year. On top of this, a 10-11% increase in room attendance figures could be seen throughout all days of the congress, with delegates attending sessions a total of 81,621 times.

“This congress and the feedback from our participants have proven to us that the current topics of interest are artificial intelligence, big data and radiomics, as well as the challenges that come with those developments. These are exciting issues that we will definitely have to face in the near future, the first step to which is through the recognition of the potential they have for us. I made it my mission at this congress to convince everyone that we need not fear these new developments as threats and that radiologists will always have a pivotal role in both diagnostic and interventional therapeutic patient management. Always keep in mind that innovation means advancement,” said ESR President Professor Bernd Hamm from the Charité in Berlin, now Chair of the ESR Board of Directors.

ECR 2019 will take place February 27 to March 3, 2019, in Vienna, under the aegis of ESR President Professor Lorenzo Derchi from Genoa/IT.

Source: European Society of Radiology